Kids Quotes: Willard Residency

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Posted by ptaylor

These quotes are taken from the kids feedback letters from an all school, week long residency
at Willard Elementary, Casper WY, Dec 2014.

"I'm a Big FAN!!!"... You were a good influence, you gave me confidence and inspiration. You taught me dances, how to make bullroarers and stunning beautiful amazing sounds. You were a big impact on my family. Because of you they all get along now. You also made me have no nervousness. And just wow you made about 20 songs." B  4th Grade.

"I thought the bullroarers were going to make the school lift off the ground!" K  4th Grade.

"I will miss you forever... you taught us how to do the Heel & Toe Polka. Now I can teach it to my relatives and my family and I really love that dance. I will come to Australia when I have a chance." D 4th Grade.

"Paul Taylor you help me when I was stuck with something. You are my bestest friend in the world. My family and I love how you teach children to do actives and have fun. You took me on an adventure from being sad to happy. Thank you for a awesome journey..." T 5th Grade.

"The performance lit up smiles all over the room. The parents sure enjoyed it and we did too. I will never forget the amazing time we had with you." R 5th Grade.

"I liked it because of the history...rainbow snake... willy wagtail...I want to hear it all over again....
I want to do it again and again." K 4th Grade

"I wish you were here. I have so many things to tell you." A 3rd Grade