Where is Paul?



6-7 Jan Casper WY, ARTCORE Community Residency
7 Casper WY, ARTCORE concert with Lights Along the Shore 7.30pm
12-15 Thermopolis WY, HSGLF Community Residency
19 YDP Video Production

1-5 Feb Casper WY, Woods Learning Center
9 Denver CO, Think 360 Training
16 YDP Video Production
18 Laramie WY, UW Anthro class
26 Cheyenne WY, Governors Arts Awards

Feb 29-March 4 Rawlins WY: Boys & Girls Club Community residency
11 Hanna WY, Hanna, Medicine Bow, Elk Mt Elementaries
17-18 Jeffery City School Residency
 28-31 New Preston CT, Washington Montessori Residency

1 April New Preston CT, Washington Montessori Residency
4-15 Rock Springs WY, Desert View Elementary Residency
22 Longmont Senior Center, CO
23 Golden CO, Rocky Mountain Storytelling Conference
25-29 Rock Springs WY, Holy Spirit Catholic School Residency

2 May Travel to Australia
6 Katherine NT, Bill Harney Retrospective & Art Exhibition GYRACC
7-9 Wardaman Land, YDP Field Research
10-13 Katherine Schools NT, GYRACC
Katherine High, McFarlane, Clyde Fenton Primaries, St.Joseph's College
14 Mataranka NT, Emanuel School
18 Darwin NT, NT Archive Service YDP Presentation
23-27 Adelaide SA Schools
Prospect Nth, Enfield, Trinity Gardens Primaies, CaFE Enfield

1 June Adelaide SA, One Tree Hill Primary
21 Sydney NSW, Emanuel School
22 Sydney NSW, Girl Guides NSW
27 Depart Australia, return US

9 July Rock Springs WY, International Festival
11 Pinedale WY, Aquatic Center Kidz Camp

15-19 August Kingsport TN, Thomas Jefferson School Residency



Jan 5 YDP Video Production
7-9 Jeffery City WY School Residency
26-27 YDP Video Production
30 Jeffery City School WY

Feb 2-3 YDP Video Production
9-11 Casper WY, Cresthill Elementary Residency
17-18 YDP Video Production
26 Laramie WY UW Anthropology
27 Cheyenne WY, Arts Advocacy Day
28 Denver CO, Think 360 Workshop

March 6 Cary NC, Weatherstone Elementary
9-10 YDP Video Production
16-17 YDP Video Production
23-24 YDP Video Production

April 6 YDP Video Production
10-17 Rock Springs WY, Westridge Elementary Residency
20-24 Rock Springs WY, Westridge Elementary Residency
27-28 YDP Video Production

May 1 Douglas WY Rural Schools
4-8 Laramie WY, UW Lab School Residency
13-15 Casper WY, Willard Elementary Mural Residency
18 YDP Video Production

June 1-2 YDP Video Production
5 YDP Video Production
11 Dep Australia
15 Sydney NSW, Emanuel School
16 Sydney NSW, University of Western Sydney
18 Larnoock School, NSW
25-28 Menngen NT, YDP Field work.
29-30 El Questro Wilderness Park WA, Rock Art Tour

July 1-3 Mt. Elizabeth Station WA, Rock Art Tour
4 Drysdale River Station WA, Rock Art Tour
5 King Edward River WA, Rock Art Tour
6 Kalumburru WA, Rock Art Tour
7-11 Drysdale River WA, Rock Art Tour
13-25 Wardaman Lands NT Fieldwork, Bill Harney YDP

August 3- 7 Adelaide SA,  Schools
10-15 Flinders Ranges SA, Eco-Spirituality Gathering
17 Return US

Sept 1-4 Lander WY, Baldwin Creek Elementary Residency
16 Darwin NT, CDU Rural Health On-line Class
28-30 Rock Springs WY, Lincoln Elementary Residency

1-2 Oct 28-30 Rock Springs WY, Lincoln Elementary Residency
6 Kingsport TN, Thomas Jefferson Elementary
8 Spartanburg Day School SC
9 Cary NC, Weatherstone Elementary
10 Pittsboro NC, Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival
18 Salt Lake City, Parliament for World Religions
27 Laramie WY, NPR HumaNature

Nov 2-6 Capser WY, Pineview Elementary Residency
16-20 Casper WY, Manor Heights Elementary Reidency
30 Casper WY, Willard Elementary Residency

1-4 Dec Casper WY, Willard Elementary Residency


Jan 13-17 Alliance NE, Arts Council Community Residency
13,15,16,17 Grandview Elementary
14 St Agnes Catholic School
15 Emerson Elementary
17 Community Performance, High School
20-21 YDP Video Production
23 Denver CO, Think 360 Artist Training
27-28 YDP Video Production

Feb 3-4 YDP Video Production
10-11 YDP Video Production
12 Denver CO, SOAR Charter School
24-28 Casper WY, Park Elementary Residency

Mar 3-4 YDP Video Production
5 Ft. Collins CO, Laurel Elementary
5 Ft. Collins CO, Life Pointe Church,  Spellbinders
6 Manitou Springs CO, Elementary School
10-11 YDP Video Production
13 Laramie WY, Montessori School
17-18 YDP Video Production
24-25 YDP Video Production
26 Greeley CO, UNC Art Education

Mar 31- Apr 4 Rock Springs WY, Overland Elem Residency
6 Lander WY, WAC Artist Training Presentation
7-11 Rock Springs WY, Overland Elem Residency
14 Denver CO, Beach Court Elementary
14-15 YDP Video Production
21-22 YDP Video Production

May 1 Casper WY, Ideas to Inspire
2 Thermopolis WY, Middle School Mural Celebration
5-9 Laramie WY, Spring Creek Elementary Residency
12-13 YDP Video Production
19 Edmonds WA, Lynnwood Elementary
20 Edmonds WA, Soundview School
21 Edmonds WA, Hilltop Elementary
22 Edmonds WA, Mountlake Terrace Elementary
23 Edmonds WA, Maplewood Parent Cooperative

June 3, YDP Video Production
7 Curt Gowdy State Park, Summer Outdoor Slam
11 Wright WY, Campbell County Libraries
11 Gillette WY, Campbell County Libraries
17 Depart for Australia

June 22- July 23 YDP Research NT
28- July 4 Wardaman Lands NT Fieldwork, Bill Harney YDP
9-11 Wardaman Lands NT Fieldwork, Bill Harney YDP
25, 28, 29 Prospect North Primary School, Adelaide SA

August 10 Return US
16 United Arts Showcase, Raleigh NC
25-26 YDP Video Production

Sept 9 Laramie WY, June Frison Archaelogy Society
11 La Veta School CO
13 La Veta CO, Francisco Crossing
22-26 Casper WY, CSF Discover Program, Crest Hill Elementary Residency
29-30 YDP Video Production

October 4 Casper WY, WYAA
6-10 Laramie WY, SACC Recreation Center Mural Residency
13-14  YDP Video Production
20-21 YDP Video Production
27-28 YDP Video Production

Nov 4-12 Lafayette LA, Arcadiana Arts Council Community Residency
17-18 YDP Video Production
20 Pine Bluffs Elementary WY, Community Concert
24-25 YDP Video Production

Dec 1-5 CSF Discover Program, Willard Elementary Residency
8-9 YDP Video Production
15-18 Lander WY, PALS Baldwin Creek Elementary Residency


Jan 14-15 Columbia Falls MT, Glacier Gateway School
16-18 Eureka MT, Sunburst Foundation Community Residency
17 Eureka MT, LCHS 7pm
21-22 Libby MT, Kootenai Heritage Council
22 Libby MT, LMC 7pm
28,30 Laramie WY, UW World Music

Feb 4-8 Green River WY, Monroe Intermediate School residency, CFAC
15 Boulder CO, Friends School
22 Sterling CO, Ayres & Campbell Elementary

Mar 20 Montrose CO, Chipeta Archaeological Society 7pm

Apr 2-5 Gillette WY, Camplex, school outreach
5 Gillette WY, Camplex Heritage Center 7 pm
11 Casper WY, Ideas To Inspire, NCSD Discover
12 Denver CO, Belleview Elementary
15-19 Rock Springs WY, CFAC Walnut Elementary
22-26 Rock Springs WY, CFAC Walnut Elementary
27 Boulder CO, RMS Story Conference

May 8-11 Winnipeg International Story Festival, Universtiy of Manitoba
27-28 Albuquerque NM, IFRAO, International Rock Art Congress

June 3-7 Louisiana Libraries Tour
3 Ascension Parish Libraries LA, Gonzales, Galvez
4 Opelouses Library LA, South Park Teen Center
5 Iberia Parish Libraries LA, Loreauville, St. Peter
6 Vermillion Parish Libraries, LA, Abbeville, Gueydan
7 Lafayette Parish Libraries LA, Carencro, Lafayette
12 Gillette WY Libraries, Wright, Gillette
15 Curt Gowdy State Park, WY State Parks & Historic Sites
18 Green River Library WY
19 Torrington Library WY
22 Depart for Australia
24 Sydney, Rona Tranby Aboriginal College, Award Ceremony for YDP

June 25- July 20 YDP Research NT
 1-5 Wardaman Lands NT Fieldwork, Bill Harney YDP
15-17 Wardaman Lands NT Fieldwork, Bill Harney YDP
22 Alice Springs NT, CAAMA

July 24- Aug 7 Adelaide SA
14 Return US
19-23 Vedauwoo Vertical Dance Rehearsals, UW Dance
24-25 Vedauwoo Vertical Dance, UW Dance

Sept 9-13  Rawlins WY, Boys & Girls Club
16-20 Rawlins WY, Boys & Girls Club
27-28 Steamboat Springs CO, Children's Book Fest

Oct 2 Thermopolis WY, Hot Springs Greater Learning Foundation, Mural Project
5 Laramie WY, Territorial Prison Pumpkin Walk
6 Denver CO, Museum of Nature & Science, 11.30am, 12.30, 2.00 pm
8-10 Thermopolis WY, Hot Springs Greater Learning Foundation, Mural Project
21-25 Casper WY, Oregon Trail Mural Residency

Nov 6 Charlotte NC, Selwyn Elementary
7 Charlotte Latin School
8 Misenheimer NC, Pfeiffer University
12 Laramie WY, Kiwani's Club
1-30 YDP Dreaming Project Fund Drive

Dec 1-31 YDP Dreaming Project Fund Drive
Dec 16-19 Lander WY, PALS Baldwin Creek Elementary


Jan 3, Denver Co, Belleview Elem
27 Lewistown MT, Fergus County Schools
27-29 Ft. Benton MT, MPAC showcase

Feb 6-10 Rawlins WY, Boys & Girls Club
13-17 Rawlins WY, Boys & Girls Club

March 5-14 Australia
19-23 Gillette WY, Camplex Heritage Center
27 Clayton NC, Riverwood Middle School
28 Raleigh NC, Montessori, Magellan Schools
29 Lewisville NC, Forsyth Country Day School
30 Charlotte Country Day School NC

April 3, Boone NC, Appalaichan State University
4 Fayetteville NC, JW Seabrook Elem
5 Fayetteville NC, Mac Williams Middle School
9-20 Rock Springs WY, Outreach Schools Tour
25-27 Cheyenne WY, Rossman Elem
30 Denver CO, Barney Ford Elem

May 7-11 Lyman WY, Urie Elem Residency
14- 18 Rock Springs WY, Holy Spirit Catholic School Residency

June 2 Pine Bluffs Library WY
2 Cheyenne Library WY
5 Littleton CO, Bemis Library
7 Rawlins WY, Dowtown Mural Opening
27 Wright WY, Public Library
27 Gillette WY,  Public Library

July 4 Depart for Australia
10-30 Research YDP, Bill Harney, Katherine NT

August 2-3 Canberra ACT, AIATSIS
6-30 Adelaide SA
30 Return to US

September 20-1 Salisbury NC, Millstream Festival
22 Gaston Public Library. NC
24 Carrborro NC, Arts Center
25 Wendell Elementary NC
29 Fayetteville NC, International Festival

October 5-7 Kemmerer WY, WYAA
8-19 Baggs WY, Little Snake River School
22 Denver CO, Think 360
24 Laramie WY, UW World Music

November 4-6 Hobson MT, Judith Arts
5 Stanford School MT
6 Hobson School MT
12-16 Casper WY, Sagewood Elementary
26-30 Laramie WY, SACC Parks & Recreation Center

December 10-14 Pindale Middle School WY


Bill Harney and Paul Taylor Tour

Saturday, January 15, 2011, Laramie, WY     Montessori Day

Friday, January 21, 2011  Phoenix, AZ, Musical Instrument Museum (tentative)

Saturday, January 22, 2011, Superior, AZ     Boyce Thompson Arboretum

Wednesday, January 26 to Friday, January 28, 2011, Pinedale, WY    Pinedale Arts Center

Monday, January 31, 2011, Rock Springs, WY     University of Wyoming - IS Scholars Series, Western Wyoming College

Tuesday-Wednesday, February 1-2, 2011, Riverton, University of Wyoming - IS Scholars Series, Central Wyoming College

Thursday-Friday, February 3-4, 2011, Powell, WY University of Wyoming - IS Scholars Series, Northwest College

Sunday, February 6, 2011, Jackson, WY     National Museum of Wildlife Art

Tuesday, February 8, 2011, Laramie, WY Cheyenne, WY University of Wyoming - IS Scholars Series, Laramie County Community College

Wednesday, February 09 and Thursday, February 10, 2011, Torrington, WY     Eastern Wyoming College

Friday, February 11, 2011, University of Wyoming - IS Scholars Series, Laramie

Tuesday February 15, Casper, WY Casper College-IS Scholars Series

Wednesday February 16 through Thursday, February 17, 2011, Sheridan College, WY University of Wyoming - IS Scholars Series, Sheridan College

Friday, February 18 and Saturday, February 19, 2011, Buffalo, WY    World’s of Music Series  

Friday, February 25, 2011, Boulder, CO     Fiske Planetarium, CU

Wednesday, March 2 to Sunday, March 6, 2011, San Francisco, CA    Kalliopeia Foundation (tentative)

March 21-25 Bloomington IN, IU Lotus Blossoms Festival
29 Cary NC, Farmington Woods Elem
30 Raleigh NC, Magellan Charter School
31 Fayetteville NC, WT Brown Elem

April 1 Fayetteville NC, Mac Williams Middle School
2 Roanoke VA, Taubman Museum of Art
7-8 Thermopolis WY, Community Residency
11-21 Rock Springs WY, Sage Elem

May 2-6 Laramie WY, UW Lab School
12 Centennial CO, Trails West Elem
13 Denver CO, CMS Shenck School
16 Laramie WY, Laramie High School

June 8 Torrington WY, Goshen Library
10 Green River WY, Sweetwater Co Library
12 Depart for Australia
15-24 Adelaide, SA

June 25- July 9 WDP Research Bill Harney, Victoria River Region NT
13 Canberra ACT, AIATSIS

July 25 Return to US

Aug 8-12 Laramie WY, Civic Center.
20-21 Vedauwoo WY, UW Vertical Dance,
  22, Laramie WY, UW Honors
,  23, 25, 30, Greeley Central High School

Sept 2, Greeley Central High School
3 Cheyenne WY,  Botanic Gardens
12,19,26, Laramie WY, UW Honors
28 Severence CO, Range View Elem

Oct 3,10,31 Laramie WY, UW Honors
5, Severence CO, Range View Elem
12-14,17 Laramie WY, Parks & Recreation Center
24-27 Elmer NJ, Appel Farm Arts & Music Center

Nov 4 Casper WY, Oregon Trail Elem
9, Laramie WY, UW World Music
7,14,21,28 Laramie WY, UW Honors

Dec 5 Laramie WY, UW Honors
19-22 Casper WY, Natrona County Schools


Jan 4 Denver CO, Belleview Elem
7-8 Basin WY, Basin City Arts
11-15 Casper WY, Artcore, Nicholaysen Art Museum
23 Superior AZ, Boyce Thompson Arboretum
25 Tempe AZ, Bustoz School
29 Chinle AZ, Canyon De Chelley Elem

Feb 22 Laramie WY. UW World Music.

Mar 3-4 NE Arts Montana Tour, Chinook.
5-7 Malta MT
8-9 Glasgow MT
10-11 Sidney MT
17-21 San Francisco CA, Kalliopeia Conference
22-26 Saratoga Springs UT, Lakeview Academy

Apr 15-16 Boulder CO, Fiske Planetarium, CU
19-23 Rock Springs WY. North Park Elem.
24 Hartville WY, Miners & Stockman's
26-30 Rock Springs WY. North Park Elem.

May 11 Mt View WY, Urie & Mt. View Elems
21 Depart for Australia.

Jun 1-30 Research/Filming Bill Harney, Victoria River Region NT

Jul 13-30 Adelaide SA.

Aug 2-3 Canberra ACT. AIATSIS.
8 Return to US
17 Steamboat Springs CO. Strings Music Festival.

Sept 13-24 Rawlins WY, Boys & Girls Club
25 Casper WY, Equality State Book Festival
Worland WY, Worland Conservation District

Oct 2 Cheyenne WY Botanic Gardens
11-15 Jamestown ND. Arts Center Residency

Nov 1-5 Casper WY, Oregon Trail School

Dec 9-10 Pinedale WY, Elem School
13-17 Pinedale WY, Middle School.
19 Depart for Australia


JAN 21-28 Mesa AZ, Mesa Public Schools.
17 Superior AZ, Boyce Thompson Arboretum
29 Denver CO, Belleview Elem

FEB 6-8 Great Falls MT, MPAC
16-19 Buffalo WY, Buffalo Elem
23-26 Sheridan WY, Big Horn School
26-27 Sheridan WY, WYO Theatre

MAR 5 Cheyenne WY. Hobbs Elem
11 Ft. Wayne IN, Embassy Theatre
16 Raleigh NC, Magellan Charter
17 Benson NC, Meadow Middle School
19 Honea Path SC, Honea Path Elem

MAR 30- APR 3 New Preston CT, Washington Montessori
15-16 Denver CO, Westward Library

17 Leadville CO, Breckenridge Music Festival

SEPT. 14-25 Rawlins WY, Boys & Girls Club.

OCT. 2-3 Denver CO. Rocky Mountain Storytelling Festival
5-9 Cheyenne WY Jessup Elem
12-13 Boise ID, Arts Northwest Conference
27 New London NH. Colby Sawyer College.

APR 20- MAY 1 Rock Springs WY, Desert View Elem
14 Laramie WY, Farm Bureau Convention
18-22 Cheyenne WY, Henderson Elem.

JUNE 4 Rawlins WY, Mt. View/Pershing Elems
6 Curt Gowdy State Park WY, Parks and Rec
9 Loveland CO, Loveland Senior Center
19 Depart for Australia.

JUNE 21-JULY 22 Research/Filming, Bill Harney, Victoria River Region, NT.

JULY 22-AUG 5 Adelaide, SA.
7 Return to US
22-23 Vedauwoo Vertical Dance, UW Dance Dept.

OCT 29-NOV 4 Smithfield NC, Sth Smithfield Elem
5 Cary NC, Highcroft Elem
6 Charlotte NC, Ballantyne Elem
9 Lenoir NC, Caldwell Arts
10 Cary NC, Highcroft Elem.
12 Raleigh NC, Magellan Charter School
13 Raleigh NC, Nth Ridge Elem
13 Greenville SC, Greenville Cty Library
16 Laramie WY, Open School.
NOV 30- Dec 4 Casper WY, Casper Schools Tour
11 Boulder CO, Douglass Elem


Dec 27-Jan 3 Hiroshima Japan
7-17 Rock Springs WY Westridge Elem
26 Superior AZ Boyce Thompson Arb
31 Denver CO Bellview Elem

Feb 4-8 Loveland CO Truscott Elem
12 Rock River School WY
15 Denver CO Kohl Elem
15-18 Ft. Collins CO CMFK Dance
26-27 White Sulphur Springs MT
28-29 Missoula MT Young Audiences

Mar 3-7 Bloomington IN Lotus Festival IU
11 Clark School WY

Apr 5 Gillette WY Prairie Wind Culture Fest
18-21 Ft. Collins CO CMFK Dance
24-25 Rochester NY Young Audiences
28-30 Plymouth NH Friends of the Arts

May 1-2 Maynard MA Green Meadow Elem
7-10 Winnipeg Canada Int Story Festival
19-23 Rawlins WY Boys & Girls Club

May 30-June 3 Lander WY West Elem.
14 Casper WY Wyo Downe Syn Conf
23-28 Jonesborough TN Int Story Center

July 16 Jackson WY Natural History Museum
17 Pinedale Library WY
23 Depart for Australia

July 28-Aug 12 Adelaide SA
13-30 Research/Film Tour, Bill Harney
Victoria River Region, NT

Sept 1-9 Research cont.NT
10 Depart for US with Bill Harney

Sept 11-12 Laramie WY, UW
15-17 Martinsville NC, Piedmont Arts
ph. 276 6323221
18-20 Asheville NC, UNCA
ph. 828 2803104
22-25 Laramie WY, UW
25 Laramie WY, UW Recital Hall, Fine Arts.
ph. Rod Garnett 307 7662512
26 Boulder CO, Fiske Planetarium CU
ph 303 4923749
29-30 Wind River Indian Reservation WY

Oct 3-4 Bloomington IN Lotus Festival IU
ph. 812 3366599
5-10 Oklahoma City OK Library tour
ph. 405 6063833
13-17 Lafayette LA Arcadiana Arts Council
ph. 337 2337060
19-20 Santa Cruz CA, UCSC Arboretum.
ph. 831 4234924

NOV 12-14 Casper WY, Natrona County SD tour.
18-20 Casper WY, Natrona County SD tour

DEC 1-12 Pinedale WY, PFAC, Middle School.
10 Big Piney WY, Library
12 Pinedale WY, PFAC Concert
18 Laramie WY Montessori


Jan 4 Denver CO Belleview Elem
17-19 Elmer NJ Appel Farm Arts Center.
22 NY NY APAP showcase
27 Superior AZ.Boyce Thompson Arboretum
28 Denver CO ANZACC
30 Cheyenne WY Depot Museum.
Feb 5-9 Pinedale WY Pinedale MS
12-16 Rock Springs WY Overland Elem
20 Laramie WY UW
26 Colorado Springs CO Spring Creek Youth Center
Mar 2-3 Laramie WY UW Hosting Ash Dargan.
5-9 Jacksonville. FL Theatreworks.
10 Hilton Head. SC Creative Spark FAC
15-21 Rawlins WY Boys & Girls Club
23 Laramie WY Montessori School
26-30 Lafayette LA Arcadiana AC
Apr 6 Boulder CO.
10 Bethlehem NH White Mt School.
11-16 Plymouth NH Friends of Regional AC
18-19 Lewisburg WV Greenbrier County Schools
26-27 Boulder CO UC Fiske Planetarium
30-May 4 Rock Springs WY Holy Spirit School

May 14-18 Cincinnati OH Playhouse in the Park.
21-23 Lander WY West Elem
June 6 Audubon Parish Library LA
7 St Martin Parish Library LA
8 West Baton Rouge Parish Library LA
11-12 Jefferson/St Charles Parish Library LA
13 New Iberia Parish Library LA
14 Opelousas/Eunice Parish Library LA
15 Lafayette Parish Library LA

June 25-July 31 Research/Film Tour, Bill Harney
Victoria River Region, NT

Aug 1-10 Adelaide SA
10-12 Sydney NSW
12 Return to US
23-25 Laramie WY UW Vertical Dance

Sept 1 Riverside WY Fireants
10-14 Laramie WY Slade Elem
19 Ft. Collins CO Laurel Elem
20 Windsor CO, Skyview, Grandview Elem.
24-28 Yanceyville NC Caswell Co Civic Ctr
30 Fayetteville NC FAC International Festival

Oct 1-2 Yanceyville NC Caswell Co Civic Ctr
3 Raleigh NC, Dixon Elem, Leesville MS
4 Yanceyville NC Caswell Co Civic Ctr
5 Misenheimer NC Pfeiffer Uni
5 Charlotte Prep School NC
11-12 Urie Elem Residency
16-18 Urie Elem Residency
20 Casper WY Wyo Arts Summit
25 Laramie WY UW Washakie Ctr
29 Ft. Collins CO Harris Elem.

Nov 1 Burlington NC, Blessed Sac. Cath.
1 Anderson SC Co Library Story Festival
2-3 Gaston Co Libray Tour
5 Asheville NC Odyssey School
7 Apex High School NC
8 Raleigh NC Magellan Charter
9 Durham NC, School Of Arts, Easley Elem
26 Laramie WY Eppsom Ctr

Dec 7 Boulder CO Douglass Elem
12-14 Casper WY Schools Tour


Jan 2 Denver Co Belleview Elem
5-6 Thermopolis.WY. Hot Springs Arts Council.
9-10 Meeteetse.WY. Park Co Arts Council.
13 Philadelphia PA. International Showcase of
Perf. Arts for Young People
19 Cincinnati OH. Cincinnati Art Assoc. Aronoff Center.
26 Westminster CO. Arapahoe Ridge Elem.
27 Denver CO Young Audiences Seminar.
28 Superior AZ. Boyce Thompson Arboretum.
29 Phoenix AZ. Australia Day. ANZACC.

Feb 6-10 Rock Springs WY. Walnut Elem. CFAC residency.
15 Denver CO Brown Elem
21 Jericho, Port Washington Public Libraries NY
22 Great Neck Public Library NY
23 Denison TX. Grayson College
27 Cheyenne WY Laramie County Library.
27-28 Cheyenne WY. Carey Junior High

Mar 6 Albemarle NC. Stanley Arts Council
7-10 Charleston NC
14-16 Carrboro NC. The Arts Center.
17 Charlotte NC Mckee Rd. Elem.
28 Goose Creek SC. Westview Elem.
30 Jefferson NC.
31 Brevard NC. Transylvania Arts Council

Apr 1 Brevard NC. Transylvania Arts Council
10-14 Loveland CO Cottonwood Plains Elem Residency?
15 Lakewood Cultural Center CO.
24-28 Jacksonville FL. Theatreworks School Tour

May 4-5 Shoshone Elem WY
15-19 Cincinnati OH. Playhouse in the Park
22-24 Lander WY West Elem.
25 Lander WY Nth & Sth Elem.

June 8 Jackson WY Teton Library
9 Alta WY Alta Branch Library
14 Depart for Australia
25-28 Film Tour1, Bill Harney, Menngen NT

July 3-10 Film Tour 2, Bill Harney., Menngen NT
11-17 Darwin/Katherine
18-27 Adelaide
27-Aug 1 Sydney

Aug 2 Return US
15-22 Ruth & Lila Yellowstone Tour
16-18 Yellowstone Institute/ UW College of Ed

Sept 7-8 Lander WY. WY State Training School
18-22 Wahpeton ND. Circle of Nations School
28- Oct 4 Baggs WY. Little Snake River School

Oct 6 Jonesborough TN. National Story Festival
9-13 Laramie WY. Spring Creek School
18-19 Kunkletown PA. Pleasant Valley Elem.
28 LA, CA. Music Center of LA City
30- 2 Nov Whitefish MT. Whitefish Theatre Co

Nov 3 Troy MT. Troy Fine Arts Council
6-10 Bynum MT. Bynum School District #12
30-Dec 6 Elmira NY. Parley Coburn School

Dec 11 Maynard MA. Green Meadow Elem.


July 9 Rock Springs International Day, WY
15 Stuart Fl, Blake Library
30 Depart Australia

Aug 1 Sydney-Darwin, NT
15-17 Bill Harney Filming, Menngen NT
19-27 Adelaide, SA
27-30 Sydney, NSW
30 Return US

Sept 15 Highlands Ranch CO, Young Audiences
21-23 Bill Harney visits CU Boulder,CO
22-23 Fiske Planetarium,CU Boulder CO, Aboriginal Skies
28-Oct 12 Laramie WY, Indian Paintbrush Elem Residency
Oct 7-9 Gilette WY,WYAA conference
14 Lewis Clark State University,Lewiston ID
21-22 Casper WY , WECA conference keynote.
24-28 Boys & Girls Club, Rawlins WY, community resdiency

Nov 3 Boulder CO , Douglass Elem, Flatirons Elem
7-8 Shelby NC
9 Raleigh NC, Wakefield MS
10 Raleigh NC, McGee Schools.
11 Misenheimer, Pfeiffer University
12 Raleigh NC , Nth Carolina Museum of Art
14-18 Charlotte NC , Park Rd. Montessori Residency
19 Gaston Library NC
29- Dec 6, Elmira NY, Parley Coburn School Residency

Dec 12 Denver Co,Logan School
16 Denver Co, Centennial Academy