Montessori Review

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Your work with us at Washington Montessori was very special; you have a marvelous way of imparting powerful truths in a simple, peaceful and accessible way for the children and everyone.
Matilda Giampietro,
Music teacher, Washington Montessori, CT

Bill Harney appears on GLOBAL SPIRIT TV

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What do we miss when we are awake? Join host Phil Cousineau on Jan. 22nd for the premier of “Dreams, Visions & Realities” featuring Yidumduma Bill Harney, an Aboriginal elder, master storyteller, painter, and highly-respected Wardaman Dreamtime authority, and Dr. Stephen Aizenstat, author and dream specialist who can teach us about the importance of “tending” to our dreams.
Watch these video clips.

 Painting Talking Story 

The Sound of Creation Time

Lounge room croc shock as 1.7m salty drops in

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