Best Performance Yet!

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The Artsbridge presentation from Australia was wonderful! The kids were engaged with participation and discussion.
We learned so much from Paul. We would LOVE to have him back!

Taylor's performance prompted insightful science & history discussions back in the classroom.                          
This was the best performance yet! Students were still singing the songs this morning.                       

Artsbridge WV & Ohio River Valley Schools Tour Teacher Evaluations                               
Dec 2017

Love for music!!!

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Hello Paul, I just wanted to reach out and say thank you.
I am currently 22 years old, and when I was in third grade at Parley Coburn School in Elmira, New York. I met you, and you made didgeridoos with all of us and I still have mine until this day. Since that day you have always been such an idol to me and I gained an even bigger respect for music and instruments because of you. And when I was in high school and middle school I joined band because of my love for instruments. I remember the day we made the didgeridoo, I went home and I sat outside playing mine until night fall because in my imagination I thought if I played loud enough, koalas would hear and respond. I was a very imaginative kid! I still remember the song as well! Currently I am a student at Brockport University.....thank you, and let you know how grateful I am and always will be to you for the found love of music and Australia you have given me...

Former Student of Parley Coburn Elementary, Elmira NY

Beauitful Moment of Awe

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Dear Paul,
These murals absolutely take my breath away!! I want them all.....
Thank you for sharing them.. and giving me a beautiful moment of Awe.

Rev. Gail Ransom, DMin. '10 President
Creation Spirituality Communities
 (commenting on the Mural page) for life.

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It was such a pleasure having you visit and sharing your knowledge and love for life. children and I were in awe with all the murals!
Cassie Floan
Toe River Arts Council, Burnsville NC
Schools Tour Nov 2017

WY Arts Summit Inspires

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Wyoming Arts Summit inspires conversations, connections

Casper Star Tribune Mon 6th Nov 2017



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Amazing!.........Ancient Spiritual Law of the Dreaming, 7-9 pm, 22 Sept 2017
Gloria Coelho, Director
Caritas Center, Boulder CO

We really enjoyed our 2 hours with you tonight.  You were wonderful!
My dear husband is from Sydney and was overwhelmed with your talent and all your wonderful knowledge...information that he wasn't aware of. We thank you so much for sharing so much with us tonight.
Our best --  Caroline and Ian Batey

I just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you again for such an amazing evening last Friday. I was blown away! Your excitement was contagious. Thanks for bringing so much info about such an incredible culture!


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Thanks again for a stunning presentation! Everyone loved it!!!
Jamie Egolf, ACCWAA
Albany County Clean Water Advocates

What a privilege!

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I hope your Powell show was even a fraction as wonderfully received as it was here in Cody!
What a privilege…both your show, and to meet you. Thank you again!
I’m excited to try out making your boomerang next week, too…
Holly Baker
Children's Services Director
Park County Library, Cody WY. June 2017

Students dive into culture with fine art.

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Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 7.18.16 PM.png

Read article on Paul's 2 week residency in Rawlins WY, by Mathew Mckay, Rawlins Daily Times. May 2017
Front Page
Article continued of the most profound spiritual experiences I've ever had.

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MilkyWayFunnel copy.jpg

Excerpts from
Lighting Our Way-Interfaith Storytelling
by Pam Faro
Storytelling Magazine, Vol 28 Issue 5, p23.
National Storytelling Network
Dec 2016

Starting with the Colorado stars overhead in the dark planetarium, we traveled through the heavens to the night sky over Australia-lovely! Wondrous! Wyoming-Aussie storyteller...Paul Taylor...told Aboriginal stories of the Dreaming, showed photos of the land, the rocks, and the paintings on the rocks. His didgeridoo sang to us, weaving the stars and the Rainbow Serpent and the red land and the black spaces between the stars and the stories and the people and the Dreaming all together.

It was utterly foreign to me. of the most profoundly spiritual experiences I've ever had. I couldn't enter that worldview, but in my listening and seeing the stories I could perceive, at least taste, a profound whole-ness to it... And while it was utterly foreign to me, I experienced a measure of peace and wonder within myself while being gifted with a peek at other's lives and spirits and was blessed by it.



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"It is amazing how quickly we are drawn into the fascinating and diverse world of Australia through your engaging music and storytelling. Your talent is a gift for us all."

Envaldo Valdez,
Friends of the Longmont Senior Center
Board of Directors
April 14, 2017

Wyoming Walkabout Mural

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The fabulous UW Honors class with their beautiful mural March 2017.

Wisdom Teachings of Bill Harney

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The Yubulyawan Dreaming Project is profound and reflects upon how important your work is.  You have definitely made a significant contribution to our times - to the children and adults who need and want to be part of a world that values and understands our Mother Earth. I was moved to tears listening to the wisdom teachings of Bill Harney and moved into song and dance listening to Cooee.

Sharron Szabo
Educator, Music Therapist, Boulder CO


Keep it up!

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What wonderful work you do for the children of Wyoming! My Lizzie (Queenie) from Desert View Elementary still loves your CD! We often Coo-EEEEEE in crowded places to call the kiddos back to mom and dad! Keep it up! Your time and influence is a treasure to SO many! Cheers!

Brittany Copelan Jensen
 Jan 2017

Community building!

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Thank you Paul Taylor for another awesome week of music, dance, learning, community building, and so much more!
Heidi Perrett, Music Teacher.
University Park Elementary, All School Residency Jan 2017