Wisdom Teachings of Bill Harney

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Posted by ptaylor

The Yubulyawan Dreaming Project is profound and reflects upon how important your work is.  You have definitely made a significant contribution to our times - to the children and adults who need and want to be part of a world that values and understands our Mother Earth. I was moved to tears listening to the wisdom teachings of Bill Harney and moved into song and dance listening to Cooee.

Sharron Szabo
Educator, Music Therapist, Boulder CO


Keep it up!

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Posted by ptaylor

What wonderful work you do for the children of Wyoming! My Lizzie (Queenie) from Desert View Elementary still loves your CD! We often Coo-EEEEEE in crowded places to call the kiddos back to mom and dad! Keep it up! Your time and influence is a treasure to SO many! Cheers!

Brittany Copelan Jensen
 Jan 2017

Community building!

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Posted by ptaylor

Thank you Paul Taylor for another awesome week of music, dance, learning, community building, and so much more!
Heidi Perrett, Music Teacher.
University Park Elementary, All School Residency Jan 2017