Paul's murals are inspired by Aboriginal rock art culture and teachings under the mentorship of Yidumduma Bill Harney. They are co-designed and painted by art teachers, students and participants, using local motifs, often school totems or emblems. They are designed so an entire class or all the participants if possible, can be painting at the same time, aiming to create community through the art process.

Mostly painted on 18x5 foot sign cloth, the mural is often used as the theatrical backdrop for the final performance. They become a permanent reminder of the Aussie Residency, it's fun, learning, and a signature mark left behind by former students.

The mural workshop supports achievement standards in Visual Arts, Theatre, Social Studies, Science and Geography.


Lafayette-Rainbow-Mural.gifVermillion Rainbow, Lafayette LA Community Mural, Marla Kristicevich & the ACA, Nov 2014,  5' x 18'        OUR MURAL STORY


Laramie-Fish-Mural.gifCutthroat Trout Rainbow, Laramie Rec Center SACC kids, Mike Gray, Rebecca and Ferne Watson, Oct 2014, 5' x 18'   OUR MURAL STORY

Spring Creek Rainbow, Spring Creek Elem, 4th & 5th Graders, Rebecca and Ferne Watson, May 2014, 5' x 18'     OUR MURAL STORY

Hot Springs Rainbow, Thermopolis Middle School WY, Jennifer Emery and all the Middle School students, Oct 2013-May 2014, 5'x18'   OUR MURAL STORY

Oregon Trail Seasons, Oregon Trail Elem, Casper WY, Anne Bovee, Janet Wragge & 4th- 5th Graders, 5'X18', Oct 2013    OUR MURAL STORY

Kootenai Rainbow, Eureka MT community mural, Sally Steward, Jan 2013, 8'x4'
Mural_Baggs.pngLittle Snake River Rainbow, Little Snake River School, Baggs WY, K-5 kids, Cindy Cobb, Susan Leonhardt & High Schoolers, October 2012, 4'x8'  OUR MURAL STORY

Shooting Star Rainbow, Sagewood Elementary, Casper WY, Amy McCormack, Amanda Reinhardt, Sara Hyatt, Janet Wragge, 4th & 5th Graders, Nov 2102, 18'x5'. OUR MURAL STORY 

Wildflower Walkabout, B&G Club Rawlins, K-8 kids, Kathy Neuman, Shayann Keisel, Kylie Craig, Mark Rachuleta,  2/12, 8'x16', Rawlins DDA/Main Street Mural.   OUR MURAL STORY

Walkabout Colt, Rawlins Middle School, Marj McCrae and her 7th graders, 2/12, 4'x8'

Mural-UW-Honors.jpgWyoming Walkabout, UW Honors class, Fall 2011, 5'x18'

Murals-UW-LabSchool.jpgLaramie River Buffalo Rainbow, UW Lab School, Laramie WY, Sharon Mathiesen and 5th Graders,18'x5', May 2011. OUR MURAL STORY

Oregon Trail Rainbow, Oregon Trail Elem, Casper WY, Anne Halle, Janet Wragge & 4th- 5th Graders, 5'X 18', 11/10

Oregon & California Trails Association, OCTA
Wyoming State Historical Society, WSHS

Rawlins Walkabout, Boys & Girls Club, Kathy Neuman, Ceiling tiles, 6'x9' Sept 2010.  OUR MURAL STORY

Buffalo Rainbow Trail, Casper WY community, Ft. Casper, Star Lane & St. Anthony schools, Artcore and The NIC, Jim Kopp and Lisa Vlastos, 01/10, 5'x18'.|

Jaguar Rainbow Snake, Jessup Elem, Cheyenne WY, Amy Fagan & 6th graders, 5'x18', 10/09

Rawlins Area dot paintings, Boys & Girls Club, Kathy Neuman, 09/09

Eagle Rainbow
Eagle Rainbow, Henderson Elem Cheyenne, Jill Overbeke & 6th graders, 5'x18', 5/09

Pronghorn Rainbow
Pronghorn Rainbow, Boys & Girls Club of Rawlins WY, Kathy Newman, 5/08, 5'x18'

Bighorn Rainbow
Front Range Rainbow Songline, Creative Movement for Kids,
Ft. Collins CO, 18'x5', 4/08.

White Sulphur Springs School MT, Miss Sheline's 4th graders,
Debbie Steinberg, 18'x5', 2/08.

Eagle Rainbow Snake, 6th grade class, Kathy Keenan,
Ami Irish, Slade Elem Laramie WY 9/07, 12'x 5'

Shark Rainbow Snake. Spring Creek School. Laramie. WY. Rebecca Silva, Julia Weibel, Steve Knox & 6th Grade. 10/06. 5'x18'.

Buffalo/Pony Rainbow Snake. Laura Youngbird, 7/ 8 grade. Circle of Nations School. Wahpeton ND. 9/06. 5'x18'.

Peace Pole Rainbow Snake, Patricia Kozek, Park Road Montessori, Charlotte , NC , 11/05, 18”x5”

Buffalo Indian Paintbrush Rainbow Snake, Marianne Cook, Andrea Huss and the fabulous 6th grade class. Laramie, WY 10/05, 18”x5”

Merrebenna_RainbowSnake, Bill Harney and Dr. Sharon Cumbie, International Caring Conference, Lake Tahoe, CA, 6/05, 18'x5'

Thayer Hands, Thayer Elem, Laramie , WY , 5/04, 4'x6'

Spirit Ancestors Rainbow Snake, Millie Halsey, West Elem , Lander, WY, 5/04, 18'x6'

Pelican Rainbow Snake, Plantation Elem, Lafayette , LA , 4/03, 18'x5'

Catfish Rainbow Snake, Plantation Elem, Lafayette , LA , 4/03, 18'x5'

Crawfish Rainbow Snake, Milton Elem, Lafayette , LA , 4/03, 18'x5'

Crocodile Rainbow Snake, Milton Elem, Lafayette , LA , 4/03, 18'x5'

Mosquito Rainbow Snake, Milton Elem, Lafayette , LA , 4/03, 18'x5'

Ant Rainbow Snake, Sasha Nic, Ernest Gallet Elem, Lafayette , LA , 4/03,18'x5'

Lobster Rainbow Snake, Sasha Nic, Ernest Gallet Elem, Lafayette , LA , 4/03,18'x5'

Bat and Firefly Rainbow Snake, Sasha Nic, Ernest Gallet Elem, Lafayette , LA , 4/03,18'x5'

Hands, East Elementary, Roosevelt , UT 7/02

Gillette Rainbow Snake, Roxanne West, Boys and Girls Club, Gillette Wyoming , 7/02,10?x9?

Cougar Rainbow Snake, Hannaford Elementary School, Mr. Goula, 6 grade, ND, 10/26, 18'x5'

Eureka High School, Seniors Art Class, Mrs Sally Steward, MT, 3/03, 18'x 5'

Big Horn Sheep-Buffalo Rainbow Snake, Millie Hallsley, West Elementary, Lander, WY, 2/03, 8'x18'

Dot Painting
Dot Painting (In Progress), Diane McLean, Pinedale Middle School, Pinedale, Wyoming, 10/02, 7'x10'

Lion Rainbow Snake, Westridge Elementary School, Sharon Patterson, Rock Springs, Wyoming, 10/02, 7'x10'

Longhorn Rainbow Snake, Riverwood Middle School, Kingwood, Texas, 5/02, 5'x18'

Cougar Rainbow Snake, Coburn Elementary School, Elmira, New York, 11/01, 5'x18'

Buffalo Elk Rainbow Snake, Yellowstone School, Tah Madsen, Yellowstone National Park, 4/02, 5'x18'

Overland Trail Rainbow Snake, Overland Elementary School, Pam Snipe/Debra Soule, Rock Springs, Wyoming, 9.01, 5'x18'

Dragon Rainbow Snake, Truman Elementary School, Kathleen Harris, Green River, Wyoming, 10/01, 5'x18'

Mustang Rainbow Snake, East Elementary, Utah, 4/02, 5'x18'

Mustang Rainbow Snake, Afflerbach Elementary School, Cheyenne, Wyoming, 12/01, 5'x18'

Walkabout, a life story painting, Cheyenne Senior Center, Dr. Sharon Cumbie, Cheyenne, Wyoming, 4/01, 5'x12'

Cougar Rainbow Snake, Jessup Elementary School, Cheyenne, Wyoming, 1/01, 50'

Class Totems, Pioneer Park Trailblazers, Cheyenne, Wyoming, 10/00,

Kangaroo Rainbow Snake, Williston School District #8, North Dakota, 5/01, 5'x30'

Rainbow Snake, Pioneer Park School, Cheyenne, Wyoming, 4/01, 5'x36'

Eagle Rainbow Snake, Urie Elementary, Lyman, Wyoming, 3/01, 5'x36'

Colt Rainbow Snake, Pinedale Middle School, Diane McLean, Pinedale, WY, 10/01, 5'x18'