Kids dance, sing to learn an Australian culture

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Paul performs at Pine Bluffs Elementary WY
Read Pine Bluffs Post article 11/26/14

G'children in Broome love COOEE

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Hi Paul,
This is just to report to you that my grandchildren in Broome (Clancy 5, and Matlida 2.5) love listening to your Cooee disc. 
You may recall that earlier in the year, following my enquiry about the "Matilda" cd, you mailed it and Cooee to my daughter Karen Echols in Florida.  We subsequently picked them up on our way through and brought them back to Australia and sent them on to our other daughter in Broome.
Cooee seems to be the lullaby record of choice now each evening.
Many thanks for your music, stories, and promotion in the US.
Regards - Colin Findlay

Blend of Culture, Science, Music and Art

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Dear Paul,
Thank you so much for your presentation and work...
The blend of culture, science, music and art is exactly what we teach our students to value...

Chris Watson
Head of Soundview School
An International Baccalaureate World School
Seattle WA

Speaking with the Sounds of Australia

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Read about Paul's recent great residency at Spring Creek Elementary in his Laramie hometown!


Engaging & Unique

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I wanted to thank YOU for making such an amazing week of residency with us! We’ve gotten great feedback from teachers and principals, and I know the kids loved working with you. The workshops and performances you put together were so engaging and unique – I’m really happy we got the chance to have you here in Edmonds!
Gillian Jones

Education & Outreach Manager
Edmonds Center for the Arts, WA

Authentic Learning!

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Thank you very much for spending the week with us and reminding us of the true pleasure of teaching our children. My kids loved everything, didgeridoos, bull-roarers, singing, the chain gang, every single minute of it!
You have inspired me to continue to find authentic learning for our children and to love what I do even more. THANK YOU!
Give me a home among the gum trees...
Barb Maguire, Teacher, Park Elementary, Casper WY.
All school residency, Oct 21-25, 2013

Oregon Trail Seasons Mural : Complete!

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Oregon Trail Seasons, Oregon Trail Elem, Casper WY, Anne Bovee, Janet Wragge & 4th- 5th Graders, 5'X 18', Oct 2013  OUR MURAL STORY

Completely Wide-Eyed!

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I wanted to let you know that your presentation and you as a person were highly influential on me. The entire time you were in front of the class I must have been completely wide-eyed. I absolutely loved every second of it and you are very entertaining.
Michelle, Art Education Student
UNC Greeley CO.  3/26/14

Fundraiser Success!!!!

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