Desert View Billabong

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Desert View Elementary kids in Rock Springs WY today making a billabong in the playground. Remembering our fabulous residency in April and the Law of the Rainbow Snake to care for our water.
Photo courtesy of the Ann Stucki, Music Teacher 12/9/16

Geography Day "A Ripper"!!!

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Paul visits Harrison Elementary NE for Geography Day 20th Oct.
Crawford Clipper reports
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Special thanks to Tara Dunn!

Aboriginal Skies

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This letter is to Paul Taylor and his loving team and to Bill for sharing his loving knowledge for all to learn.  Thank you Paul for the wonderful presentation at the University of Colorado on Sep.29th! I enjoyed it very much and will continue my quest for knowledge on your culture...We are all connected! Thanks for sharing!  
Colter Natzke

Ground Breaking Residency

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The residency with Paul was an incredible experience for the students and teachers (and myself)! We were blessed throughout the week by his passion for the culture and heritage of Australia, his musical and storytelling talents, and through his love in working with children. I cannot say enough about his professionalism, his level of artistry, and how flexible and easy-going he was to work with at all times.
The feedback that I have received from our administration, teachers, and families, has been nothing but positive. My own children have commented on how boring school has been since his departure, and why learning cannot always be as fun as that week was (it should be, right?). Our host family shared that he became like a brother to them.
Mr. Taylor created quite a stir within the Kingsport community, and amongst our school system with visits from our school board vice president, our local newspaper and TV stations, and several inquires from other local schools as to how we made this happen.
This week-long residency was ground breaking for us.
Amy Vetter

PTO Thomas Jefferson School, Kingsport TN

Residency August 2016

Your magic is still with us

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I had my first graders at Desert View had them as kindergarten..and i started to pass out the rhythm sticks to use. While doing this, all of a sudden they start singing the pay attention Again, your magic is still with us.
Ann Stucki, Music Teacher, Desert View Elementary, Rock Springs WY 9/19/16
Residency April 2017

Kids loved every minute....

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The kids loved every minute with you. You provided a valuable cultural connection which Jefferson students and staff will remember for many years to come. Thank you!

Mike Fulkerson, Principal, Jefferson Elementary, week long all school residency, Kingsport TN. 
August 2016

Read Kingsport TimesNews article by Rick Wagner

Screen Shot_JeffersonTN PM.png

International Festival

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Thank you for coming to the festival.  We've gotten so much good feedback about your visit!
Joanne Zotti, Director, Rock Springs International Day, July 2016

Canvas looks fabulous!

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Thank you... the canvas looks fabulous, the students and teachers all enjoyed the workshops, we learned a lot and it was a very enjoyable presentation and atmosphere. 
Marylene Westley, Teacher, St Joseph's Catholic College, Katherine NT. May 2016

 KatherineRiver2_Med.jpgKatherine River Rainbow, Katherine NT schools, Katherine High, St Joseph's College,
Clyde Fenton and MacFarlane
Primaries, 20'x10', May 2016, GYRACC.

...master in your work with children

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Dear Paul,
.... You are a master in your work with children. WE LOVE YOU! Plain and simple.
Debbie DeGuire, Head Teacher-Lower Elementary
Washington Montessori, CT.
Residency March 2016

Utter bliss!!!

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Thank you so much for your joyful presentation at the Longmont Sr. Center today. It was utter bliss to hear the stories, songs, musical instruments & history of the Australian people.
My mother's ancestors were put on the Isle of Wight for various crimes & came over to America to escape the penal colony. Blessings on you for your beautiful teachings & spirit!
Dixie, Longmont CO

...I don't know why...!

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I don't know why, I love you so much, ! I just do.
Brooke, K student, shaking her head. Jeffery City School WY residency March 2016

Sweetwater Rainbow. K-5 Grades


...a bright happy aura floats around the entire school.

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Student feedback from Woods Learning Center residency, Casper WY, Feb 2016.

Thanks to you, a bright happy aura floats around the entire school. You truly are something else that I will never forget.
Reagan, 4-5th Grade

I feel great that you came. I feel charged you know how you like charge a I phone.
Maggie, 4-5th Grade

In future years it would be amazing for the next generations to see how the Aboriginal culture works.
Your words really inspired me both to go to Australia in my adult life and to help take care of the wildlife and out planet.
Colton, 4-5th Grade

Britain could have solved their convict over flow problem a long time ago if people didn't take things so seriously.
Bodie, 4-5th Grade

Woods-Learning-Center-Mural1.gif  Woods Eagle Rainbow            Design by Mandy Blevins 8th Grade.

KooWee! Paul visits Rawlins.

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Paul Taylor brings a little bit of the Outback to Rawlins.
Read the article by Trudy Balcom.


Thanks from Cheyenne Symphony!

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Thank you again for sharing your wisdom, heritage, and music with the audience at the Cheyenne Symphony Orchestra concert last month.  You were wonderful!

Dr. William Intriligator
Music Director & Conductor
Cheyenne Symphony Orchestra


Paul with Pete Simpson and William Intriligator backstage at the concert. 30 Jan 2016

Wyoming Artscapes 2016

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Winter Issue covering Governors Arts Award

Paul & friends visit the Bobcats

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A wonderful week in Thermopolis with UW Dancers and Lights along the Shore, sponsored by Hot springs Greater Learning foundation.

Thermopolis Bobcat Newsletter.

Wyoming Governors Arts Award 2015.

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