Paul_RainbowConcert.jpgThe Rainbow Serpent is the giant multi-colored snake of great power and significance for Australia's Aboriginal people. It is one of the Supreme Creators, Spirit Ancestors of the Dreamtime for tribal groups throughout the country. It's stories and images are paralleled in ancient mythology throughout the world.

An image that never fails to stir, inspire our deepest emotion. An erotic symbol, it is both masculine and feminine, and the giver and taker of life.

Global stories of the Rainbow Serpent are weaved with original and traditional world music.

Featuring the Buried Possums-- Rod Garnett, David Romtvedt and special guests.

Flute, accordion, percussion, didjeridoo.

Magical tales of ancient beginnings and timeless transformation....
Aboriginal, Native American, Celtic....
A theatrical meshing of words and music...


Rainbow Serpent Promo (PDF)

Rainbow Serpent Poster (PDF)