Past Concerts

Andes Manta -- Didjeridoo/Andean Pan Pipes

As a special double bill concert Paul performs with the highly acclaimed Equadorean group Andes Manta. Andes Manta performs the the vibrant music of the Andes on more than 35 traditional instruments. From the lyrical sounds of the quena, or Andean flute, to the haunting tones of six foot long pan pipes, the music of Andes Manta is an experience that never fails to bring audiences to their feet.

Symphony -- Didjeridoo/Symphony Orchestra

Paul has performed with the Wyoming Symphony. In 1999 the 3 piece concerto, "Goodonya", was performed in Casper, Wyoming. Renowned Wyoming composer Fred Taylor wrote this piece featuring the didjeridoo, to celebrate the open space, vastness and beauty of both the American and Australian "outbacks" and our relationship with it. During his residency with the Symphony, Paul also worked at the local Park Elementary School and created a didjeridoo orchestra which performed as part of a special childrens Symphony concert.