Wonders Down Under, Australian Stories & Music

Concert_1.jpg Wonders Down Under is an interactive multifaceted performance adapted to any age level. Paul presents audiences with a unique look at the wonderful Aussie character through an exciting blending of, stories, songs, dance, painting, theatre and didgeridoo, drawing comparisons in American history and culture. Focusing on many of our cultural icons it honors both Aboriginal and European roots.

Wonders Down Under introduces audiences to the Aboriginal spiritual worldview, the Bush University, the Creation Story, teaching us to pay attention, care for our water, care for our land, to care for our place wherever we may be.

Wonders Down Under meets many curriculum standards and Paul's residencies can supplement all core curricular areas.

Depending on age, this show could feature:

-- dramatic story versions of classic Aussie folk songs with interactive particpation,
Home Among the Gum Trees
with sign language
Didjeridoo Song
with sign language, dance and Creation Story
Botany Bay
, a Convict Story and the US War of Independence
Waltzing Matilda
and European Settlement
Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport
and Cowboy/Stockman culture
Kookaburra Song
the Sun Lady story and song rhythm
Wangga Song,
pay attention, the Bush University and signals from the bush
Gujingga Song
with boomerangs, story, science and throwing

---Aboriginal Dreamtime Stories told with permission, the Wardaman Creation Story and Great Flood, The Rainbow Snake, Moon & Possum & Spirit Children , Didjeridoo & Termites, The Sun Lady, Brolga (dancing crane), Gurrukmun the Frog,

---A selection of classic Aussie Bush Ballads or cowboy poetry, Clancy of the Overflow, Man From Snowy River, The Play, Mulga Bill's Bicycle.

School specials include the Convict Ancestor, School Uniforms, Surf Life Saver, Folk Dancing, Cricket.....