Seniors & Others

Seniors_1.jpgPaul loves to perform to all ages, and especially to seniors who love the wisdom of the oral traditions.

Both Paul's concerts, Wonders Down Under and Bush University are adaptable to any age level and special interest group. All art forms are celebrated in story, song, dance, painting, theater and the use of ritual to create joy, health and well being within your particular community. At the same time participants gain insight into the world's oldest living cultural wisdom.

Along with the performances, Paul's didgeridoo and mural workshops are a great foundation to a residency. The didgeridoo promotes health and wellness through deep breathing and Circular Breathing. Through visual art in both workshops, participants realize and affirm their personal story, their life journey or one's "Walkabout". The workshops incorporate, story, song, dance, ritual to powerfully affirm Aboriginal wisdom in creating community.

Paul has performed annually to Seniors and the general public at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum in Superior, AZ from 1996-2012.  In 2001 Paul was artist in residence with the Cheyenne Senior Center, Wyoming. Together with visionary Dr. Sharon Cumbie, artist Emily Boespflug, and seniors we created the mural "Walkabout" a story painting symbolizing life journeys which is a permanent installation in downtown Cheyenne. See Murals. Paul has conducted residencies at the Wyoming State Training School, performed at the Wyoming Territorial Prison, visited numerous nursing homes all over the US. He is a regular at Rock Springs and Rawlins Senior Centers and recently at Longmont Senior Center. See Video Gallery

Paul has been honored by; a Sate Finalist, Australian of the Year Award 2013; WY Governors Arts Award Winner 2015.
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