Vermillion Rainbow


This “Caring for Country” mural is inspired by Australian Aboriginal culture and the powerful Rainbow Snake, the great Spirit Ancestor who created the water and rivers all over the world. Rainbow here represents our Vermillion River and it's watersheds as he winds his way from the northern part of Lafayette Parish all the way down to the Vermilion Bay.

The 5 sub-watersheds of this region are all connected to the Vermillion and are divided by the black lines. Each sub-watershed has at least one coulee or bayou that defines it and leads straight to Vermilion River. From left to right you have Coulee  Isle des Cannes (Mint Green), Coulee Mines (Cream), Coulee Isaac Verot(Red), Coulee Des Poches (Olive Green) and Bayou Tortue, Lake Martin (Soft Red).

The dots represents the life giving rain and all the living things that walk this beautiful land; the plants, birds, animals, insects, children and people. The town of Lafayette is circled with our colors Vermillion, Black and White.

This mural was painted in the Fall 2014 by the 5th graders at LJ Alleman Middle School, the general public during Art Walk, an ACA teachers workshop and the fabulous staff of the ACA. Designed and dreamed by ACA Artist in Residence Paul Taylor together with local artist Marla Kristicevich. Special thanks to the ACA, Bree Sargent and Paige Krause for making this happen.


This painting reminds us to care for our land, our water and each other.

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