Rawlins Walkabout

Rawlins Walkabout Mural

This a symbolic topographical map of the Rawlins area inspired by the ancient desert dot art from Aboriginal Australia. The Rawlins Township is featured in the center, showing the Boys & Club logo. The beautiful Platte River leading to the Seminoe Reservoir is to the right. The famous Rawlins uplift is to the top left.

In Aboriginal mythology these maps signify great meaning. They reveal the story of how the Great Spirit ancestors created this beautiful land, teaching the children to care for the land with the story, songs, dances and paintings. The children travel the land on “Walkabout” with their Elders performing the ceremonies to bring happiness and regenerate the land for the coming year. Going “Walkabout” in Aboriginal culture is a major part of the children’s education and coming of age.

Here we see the B&G Club kids doing their Walkabout bringing happiness to their land. The older kids are leading the journey teaching the younger one’s who are watching from the edges. The kids who are born in Rawlins show their footprints leading from town. The kids who born outside of Rawlins show their footprints leading into town.

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