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Jeffery City Brands, Jeffery City School WY, Sherryl Gores & her K-5 kids, Oct 2017. 6'x3'

Jeffery City School kids celebrated their relationship to their country by painting their ranch brands and then using their own initials to create their own personal brand, logo, totem. In doing so they explored Aboriginal education themes using the 4 traditional colors representing the 4 races of the earth, (black, red, white and yellow), traditions of totemic designs which serve as land titles and then dot painting tradition. They made 3 rows representing the 3 major Ancestors, Sky Father, Earth Mother and Rainbow (water). The top row is the Sky Father with brands upside down to signify all their great grandparents looking down to see how the children are caring for their country. The water wave represents Rainbow and their life giving Sweetwater River. The dots represent the rain and snow intending we get the right amount of waterfall this year. The 2 sets of middle dots represent their Wyoming history, the 4 trails, Oregon, California, Mormon and Pony Express that brought 400,000 migrants through their beautiful valley in search of a new beginning.
In the Aboriginal way this teaches the children to “Care for their Country”

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