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Aboriginal Skies: In the Land of the Lightning People (US)
Dark Sparklers: Star Law of Bill Harney (Australia)

Promo clip of a planetarium show celebrating the vast Star Law of Australian Wardaman Aboriginal Elder, Yidumduma Bill Harney, and his groundbreaking work with Dr. Hugh Cairns in their 2003 publication of Dark Sparklers. This presentation was conceived in the US by Yidumduma's student of over 25 years, Adelaide born Paul Taylor, in collaboration with Colorado University Astronomy Professor, Dr. John Stocke. 


Paul Taylor with Lights Along the Shore

Paul Taylor in performance with Lights Along the Shore, Lisa Rickard, Blake McGee,  Steve Barnhardt, Rod Garnett and vertical dance with Margaret Wilson.

WY Governors Arts Award Performance

WY Governors Arts Award recipient Paul Taylor in performance with friends at the awards ceremony Feb 2016.

Moon & Possum Story

National Public Radio NPR podcast of Paul sharing this Wardaman Aboriginal story with permission of Elder Yidumduma Bill Harney, featuring NPR's Caroline Ballard. May 2016. 
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WY Governors Art Award 2015

 "This is a prestigious award which recognizes outstanding achievement in the arts in Wyoming. You have dedicated the past 25 years to the arts in Wyoming and we are grateful. Since originating in 1982, the award has gone to a select few.
Through your gifts as a storyteller, musician, actor, mural designer, and educator you have opened doors for students of all ages. We are fortunate to have a person of your talents among us."
Governor M. Mead, Dec 2015

This video clip highlighting Paul's work was produced by Dean Petersen and the Wyoming Arts Council for the Feb 2016 awards ceremony.

WY Governor's Art Award Ceremony

Presentation and ceremony for WY Governor's Arts Award 2015 winner Paul Taylor. Feb 2016, Little America, Cheyenne WY, Governor Matt Mead.

Australian Of The Year 2013: NT Finalist

YDP Yubulyawan Project Director and Artist Paul Taylor, was honoured for his work in the US and with Yidumduma Bill Harney and the Wardaman people. Yidumduma accepted the award on his behalf and in recognition of their work together over many, many years. 

Longmont Senior Center Performance

Highlights of Paul Taylor in performance at Longmont Senior Center, Colorado, April 2016. Filmed by Roy Hunter.

Washington Montessori Residency 2016

Paul Taylor culminates a week long residency with a performance with 1-3 Grades, Washington Montessori CT, March 2016. Filmed by David Grasmere.


Paul Taylor visits La Veta

See Paul's full length two set show featuring both Part 1: Wonders Down Under and Part 2: Bush University. Performance at Francisco Crossing, La Veta, CO, September 2014. Filmed by Fabio Silva and thanks to Kim McKee and Ken Willson.

Jalala: Director's Naming Ceremony

YDP Dreaming Project director Paul Taylor is adopted into the Wardaman tribe, Yubulyawan clan, by Elder Yidumduma Bill Harney and receives his name Jalala, 2004. Jalala means "long, tall skinny fella" and everything connected to the long tall funnel or tube, the didgeridoo and further... the grass, the bird feather, the ant and termite nests, the cyclone, the hurricane, the whirlpool, the spinning Milky Way and the black holes.This event marked the formal beginning of the filming work for the YDP Project.


Classroom Visit: Wonders Down Under

Paul visits Hunter's 3rd grade class at Berthoud Elementary in Colorado for an intimate class performance in 2014.

Mountain West Voices: Interview

Mountain West Voices is a radio program featuring the extraordinary stories of ordinary people throughout the Rocky Mountain West.In 2013 producer Clay Scott interviewed Paul while on the road in Helena MT. LISTEN


Introducing Paul Taylor, part 1

Introducing Paul Taylor, part 2

Paul Taylor School Residency
: Parley Coburn
From 1996-2006, Paul conducted an annual, 2 week school residency at Parley Coburn School, Elmira NY, with 100 third graders.

Gurrukmun The Frog

Paul tells this famous story to Kindergarten students at Oregon Trail Elementary. Told with permission of John Ferguson publishers from "David Gulpilil Stories from the Dreamtime." Filmed by Janet Wragge.

Yubulyawan Stories & Music

Songs and stories of the Yubulyawan clan of the Wardaman Aboriginal people shared with permission of elder Yidumduma Bill Harney.

Story of Matilda

Yidumduma Bill Harney with Paul Taylor

Vertical Dance: Vedauwoo

Australian Storyteller Talks Wyoming History

Wyoming People Dream with Inda Eaton

Paul 's Commercials 1980's

Battling Cumberland Giants 1980's

Battling Cumberland Giants, Jules Bakers famous UK children's traveling arena clowning and inflatable wrestler extravaganza. Featuring  Clown Jules Baker, Paul " Skippy " Taylor as the Ringside Commentator, Andy Keate as the Clown 2nd, Ian Johns as Terrible Ted and Stefan G as Mighty Mick.