News Archive of the most profound spiritual experiences I've ever had.


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Excerpts from
Lighting Our Way-Interfaith Storytelling
by Pam Faro
Storytelling Magazine, Vol 28 Issue 5, p23.
National Storytelling Network
Dec 2016

Starting with the Colorado stars overhead in the dark planetarium, we traveled through the heavens to the night sky over Australia-lovely! Wondrous! Wyoming-Aussie storyteller...Paul Taylor...told Aboriginal stories of the Dreaming, showed photos of the land, the rocks, and the paintings on the rocks. His didgeridoo sang to us, weaving the stars and the Rainbow Serpent and the red land and the black spaces between the stars and the stories and the people and the Dreaming all together.

It was utterly foreign to me. of the most profoundly spiritual experiences I've ever had. I couldn't enter that worldview, but in my listening and seeing the stories I could perceive, at least taste, a profound whole-ness to it... And while it was utterly foreign to me, I experienced a measure of peace and wonder within myself while being gifted with a peek at other's lives and spirits and was blessed by it.