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Ground Breaking Residency

The residency with Paul was an incredible experience for the students and teachers (and myself)! We were blessed throughout the week by his passion for the culture and heritage of Australia, his musical and storytelling talents, and through his love in working with children. I cannot say enough about his professionalism, his level of artistry, and how flexible and easy-going he was to work with at all times.
The feedback that I have received from our administration, teachers, and families, has been nothing but positive. My own children have commented on how boring school has been since his departure, and why learning cannot always be as fun as that week was (it should be, right?). Our host family shared that he became like a brother to them.
Mr. Taylor created quite a stir within the Kingsport community, and amongst our school system with visits from our school board vice president, our local newspaper and TV stations, and several inquires from other local schools as to how we made this happen.
This week-long residency was ground breaking for us.
Amy Vetter

PTO Thomas Jefferson School, Kingsport TN

Residency August 2016