22853179_10214866529315519_4127704661167700998_n.jpg        Two Rivers Rainbow, OM Center Community Mural Omaha NE, Roxanne Wach and Sandy Aquila, Oct 2017, 12'x52''

 Two Rivers Rainbow


The Rainbow Serpent in the Aboriginal tradition represents/is the water in an area. The Omaha Rainbow Serpent is represented by the confluence of the Missouri River (with buffalo in the stream, as it comes down through the Dakotas) and the Platte River (with sacred Ponca corn in the stream). Rainbow changes his headdress and the Missouri’s is a snake or black python, the Platte’s is a Sandhill Crane (which is also found in Australia). The night sky is filled with stars that honor departed loved ones of the artists, and the Aboriginal symbol for Meeting Place with an OM in it, representing OM Center and OMaha. There are Cottonwood trees lining the Platte (and for some reason my camera didn’t pick up the colors there). The green and gold grasses of the prairie sea are waving with two protectors amongst the blades. In Aboriginal lore, the figures are Star Babies who have come from the sky and live in the bottom of the billabong (pond) eating the algae as they choose their parents. The handprints represent the artists who created the mural.


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