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Sweetwater Rainbow Clan Estates

Our mural is inspired by Australian Aboriginal culture and painting traditions.

We have symbolically painted our beautiful Sweetwater River valley, showing Jeffery City and the land from Sweetwater Junction to Split Rock. For this painting we explored Aboriginal totem relationships and land systems.

 The children picked individual local animal totems which in the Aboriginal teaching is their land title to a section of their clan estate, which aligns to their ranches and places where they live and their families work. For the clan estates we assigned Australian totems.

Kangaroo Clan

Jeremiah Gullion  Racoon

Sam Gullion   Mountain Lion

Emu Clan

Johnna Comes Running Buck   Wild Horse

Marley Comes Running Buck     Bald Eagle

Crocodile Clan

Colton Citron   Big Horn Sheep

Dallin Citron    Black Bird

Kookaburra Clan

Rylee  Dockery  Bluebird

Brooke Jackson  Robin

You can see all their individual totem footprints linking to the land that they are connected to. This painting teaches to care for this special land and share your water, the beautiful Sweetwater River.

Brooke’s Grandmother Robin is remembered here forever by Brooke’s totem footprints and the star in the top right.


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