Mustang Rainbow Story

Our mural is inspired by Australian Aboriginal culture, painting traditions and stories of the great Ancestor Rainbow Snake who brought us water and made the rivers throughout the world.

Here Rainbow has a mustang headdress in honor of our Rawlins Mustangs school emblem and represents the beautiful North Platte River and all the water in this Carbon County region. You can see the 6 grades of RES K-5. in the 6 colors of his headdress. Our Rainbow also has a rattlesnake tail with the 6 sections and colors representing all the grades of RES K-5. The rattlesnake tail is also a reminder to the students to pay attention in the Spring when the snakes are active on our land and in our playgrounds.

The dots represent the raindrops that fill our rivers, and all of life, our plants, animals, birds, insects, people and all our fabulous students that are made of and depend on water. Within Rainbow you can see the rich Rawlins Red color, the color for our school and representing the blood of the Earth Mother. You can see the stunning mountain vista’s that surround this community, featuring Elk Mountain and Kennedy Peak in the Snowy Range, Rawlins Hill, and the famous Rawlins Uplift. You can see the shadows of the various local animals, coming to the river for a drink.

You can see the night sky of the Sky Father, where the stars represent the campfires of all our grandparents who are watching to see how we are caring for our land and each other. In the Dark Spaces you can see the eyes of Rainbow also watching us, making sure we care and share our precious water.

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